Rage Buggy Racing, Clay Target Shooting and Powerturn Dragsters Triple at ODD Extreme Experience Park

Location: Co Cavan, Ballyconnell, Brackley Lake, ODD Extreme Experience Park Voucher for: 1 Season:  Any time of year
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This amazing double event is being offered as a Great Christmas Gift Offer until December 31st with 33% off normal price!

An amazing value combination of three of Odd's most exciting and fun experiences - Rage Buggy Racing, Clay Target Shooting Lesson and Powerturn Dragsters! This is a truly original day out in the country to remember, and a top class introduction to the sport of target shooting.

Rage Buggy Rally

Our company introduced Rage buggies to Ireland, and with years of experience since we have thousands of customers who discovered they really do offer a genuinely exciting rally experience when run on our demanding, specially designed, hard surface track. You will be impressed by these tough, responsive machines with Honda 620 cc engines!

This is our full-length Rally experience. Before the start, each competitor is fully briefed by our experienced senior marshalls with regard safety and how to get the fastest times from your 20 laps. You will first have the opportunity of practice laps to get the feel of the track and how your vehicle handles. Following an analysis of your performance with your marshall the rallying begins in earnest with the main sprint against the clock.

The track includes hairpins, chicanes, sweepers and straights with gravelled sections and wetted bends to add to the challenge.

From the pits you accelerate hard to Turn 1, a right into a good straight then throw the buggy sideways around the Hairpin. Enjoy a great drift here, then another straight leading to a fast sweeper at Ash. Left and slide through the Horseshoe. Negotiate the humps before a tight left corner at Cyclops, and then quickly prepare to weave through the Chicane and on through the Kink, before quickly arriving at a very fast final turn onto the home straight.

Our senior marshals will do their best to help you improve with cornering, cutting down on lap times while at the same time fully ensuring your safety. You may make the final, and a winners medal!

So Jump behind the wheel and get ready for the fast and furious ride!

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Your experienced and qualified instructor will explain all aspects of gun safety and handling before your lesson commences, and allocate the correct gun for your size. Load, mount and fire the gun, as you are shown the correct shooting technique for a variety of targets. Safety equipment, gun, clays and cartridges are included.

You will enjoy taking up the challenge of calling PULL and breaking clays through a 25 shot lesson, with on-going tuition throughout, and a score card to prove your new-found prowess on your return home!

Powerturn Dragsters

This crazy event will have you laughing too hard to care whether you can actually steer a Powerturn! Odd’s Powerturn Dragsters are pretty unusual machines, which seem to have a mind of their own! With TWO drivers per cart, each with an independent engine, steering lever, throttle and brake, you'll experience fun at its' absolute craziest! These karts will go nowhere fast until both drivers learn to work together to make their way around a number of obstacles. You’ll soon have them spinning and pulling wheelies as they’re meant to! Wipe your eyes, stop laughing , and try to score the least faults round the circuit!
A great finale to a fabulously entertaining event.


  • Location

    ODD Extreme Experience Park, Brackley Lake, Ballyconnell, Co Cavan

  • Group/Spectators

    Spectators are welcome but children must be accompanied by a non-participating adult. All persons under the age of 18 will need parent or legal guardian to sign a disclaimer on their behalf in order to take part.

  • Duration

    This multi-activity event will run for up to three hours based on average session with 8 -12 participants. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your start time. Start time is the agreed time at booking and not your arrival time.

  • Dress Code

    All safety equipment supplied. Our experienced marshals will provide you with instruction and give a safety briefing before the beginning of the race.

  • Weather

    Experiences offered year round but subject to weather conditions.

  • Other information

    Must be 16 or over. All persons under the age of 18 will need parent or legal guardian to sign a disclaimer on their behalf in order to take part. Experiences are not suitable for pregnant women and those with health concerns. If in doubt, please consult your GP regarding suitability.

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