Indoor Golf: So much fun!

Metro Golf is an excellent option for all golfers of all handicap/skill levels! The technology these guys have is very similar to what you'll see at your local Golfsmith. You stand in a spacious booth and hit clubs (which a variety of types are provided) and a machine will calculate the distance, spin, trajectory, etc, and project it on a huge screen in front of you. It's almost like virtual golfing as well as a very useful tool to have that you won't have at your typical golf range. Getting exact distances and feedback from the software is extremely useful for those of you trying to improve. You don't get the same feeling as being outdoors - feeling the breeze in your hair and enjoying nature - but the convenience and feedback this service provides is well worth the €.


This place is addicting. Great value considering how cold it is outside and what a trek it is to actually get to a driving range.


Will be back often. So much fun!


Ryan F.


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