Wild Water Hovercraft and Rage Buggy Racing Combo at ODD Extreme Experience Park

Location: Co Cavan, Ballyconnell, Brackley Lake, ODD Extreme Experience Park Voucher for: 1 Season:  Any time of year
€99 €150- 34%

This amazing double event is being offered until December 31st with 33% off normal price!

Get ready for the ultimate driving and flying adventure! Everyone knows that two is better than one. Then how about having two amazingly thrilling driving-flying-floating-sliding adventures in one day? This is a package that will definitely make your adrenalin rush! Experience this yourself or give to someone special who loves to try something different, and who will enjoy the thrill and excitement of sampling two completely different petrol-fuelled events.

Hovercrafting is one of the most unique and thrilling flying experiences, with this voucher you’ll enjoy a 10 lap skiing-riding-sliding experience in a single- seated Hovercraft. This is the only place in Ireland where you can try it on both land and open water. We dare you to experience this with an open throttle and without any brakes! Piloting our Formula 25 craft at Ireland’s only solo hover crafting venue is like trying to drive on ice!

Piloting your craft from grass out onto wide, open water and back is incomparable with other hovercraft venues which stay put on terra firma! Your lap times will rely on your skill to round marker buoys on the lake section of the course tightly; calculating when the turn should commence, how much lean is required, and accounting for wind direction for optimum effect.

You will be supplied with safety equipment , and our experienced marshals will provide you with a safety briefing and tuition throughout. the event

Flying a hovercraft is an exciting challenge, and quite unlike anything you've experienced before!

Rage Buggy Rallysprint
Our company introduced Rage buggies to Ireland, and with years of experience since we have thousands of customers who discovered they really do offer a genuinely exciting rally experience when run on our demanding, specially designed, hard surface track. You will be impressed by these tough, responsive machines with Honda 620 cc engines!

Before the start, each competitor is fully briefed by our experienced senior marshalls with regard safety and how to get the most of your 15 lap sprint against the clock.

The track includes hairpins, chicanes, sweepers and straights with gravelled sections and wetted bends to add to the challenge.

From the pits you accelerate hard to Turn 1, a right into a good straight then throw the buggy sideways around the Hairpin. Enjoy a great drift here, then another straight leading to a fast sweeper at Ash. Left and slide through the Horseshoe. Negotiate the humps before a tight left corner at Cyclops, and then quickly prepare to weave through the Chicane and on through the Kink, before quickly arriving at a very fast final turn onto the home straight.

Our senior marshals will do their best to help you improve with cornering, cutting down on lap times while at the same time fully ensuring your safety.

So Jump behind the wheel and get ready for the fast and furious ride!


  • Location

    ODD Extreme Experience Park, Brackley Lake, Ballyconnell, Co Cavan

  • Group/Spectators

    Spectators are welcome but children must be accompanied by a non-participating adult. All persons under the age of 18 will need parent or legal guardian to sign a disclaimer on their behalf in order to take part.

  • Duration

    10 lap flying lesson on Ireland's only open water and grass course. 15 laps around Rage Buggy track! Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your start time. Start time is the agreed time at booking and not your arrival time. This double event normally lasts approx. 2 hrs based on average session with 8 participants

  • Dress Code

    All safety equipment supplied. Our experienced marshals will provide you with instruction and give a safety briefing before the beginning of the race.

  • Weather

    Experiences offered year round but subject to weather conditions.

  • Other information

    Must be 16 or over. All persons under the age of 18 will need parent or legal guardian to sign a disclaimer on their behalf in order to take part. Experiences are not suitable for pregnant women and those with health concerns. If in doubt, please consult your GP regarding suitability. The hovercraft weight limit is 17 stone.

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