Stay Cool Wellness Package at Melody Studio – 60 minutes

Location: 1st/2nd floors, 107/109 Talbot street, Dublin 1 Voucher for: 1 Season:  Any time of year

This is an ultimate treatment for the hot blooded ones who are the first ones to open the window in a busy office or for those who simply love the fresh and soothing effect of a tea tree and menthol.

There is nothing better than the feeling fresh of smooth pampered feet. Treat yourself to some extra time with our COOLING OFF TREATMENT. This wonderfully relaxing body massage with foot treatment takes approx 75 minutes – so that you could feel the overall sense of freshness and purity.

The package includes the full body massage - a classic soft tissue relaxing treatment with special soothing oils/balms (we use cooling aromatherapy oils/balms such as lemon tree, eucalyptus or mint). You’ll also enjoy the refreshing and rejuvenating face massage with lovely citrus-flowery summer scents, and our special COOLING (warm) feet soak with feet masque, so that your body would get the proper hydration and your mind – total relaxation and refreshment.

  • Location

    Melody Studio, 1st/2nd floors, 107/109 Talbot street, Dublin 1

  • Group/Spectators

    This is a one-one experience. Unfortunately it is not suitable for spectators

  • Duration

    75 minutes

  • Dress Code

    Please wear comfortable clothing

  • Other information

    Please consult a physician to discuss any health concerns prior to scheduling your appointment to avoid any disappointment

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