Indian Head Massage with Reiki & DoTerra Oils at Life Force Holistic Health and Fitness

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There’s nothing more special than offering your loved ones a high quality massage.

Indian Head Massage is a treatment that is based on old Ayurvedic Technique. It helps to balance the vital energies within the body and helps to improve health. This treatment involves work on the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face.

Indian head massage is a valuable technique for combatting stress which can show in the form of: Migrane, tension headache, hair loss, psoriasis or eye strain.
After the indian head massage you will experience a Reiki session. Reiki works by rebalancing the body’s energy flow; it removes blockages within the body which may have been built up for years resulting in physical pain, stress, emotional worries and an inability to move forward.

We use DoTerra aromatherapy oils to enhance the relaxation and satisfaction effect.

Reiki is a highly effective natural form of healing, applied through non-invasive gentle touch. It is a holistic therapy treating all forms of stress, physical injuries or illnesses, emotional issues, depression and anxiety. Reiki enables you to let go of negative thoughts, giving you a sense of inner peace, harmony, clarity and vitality.


  • Location

    Life Force Holistic Health and Fitness, Lucan & City Centre

  • Group/Spectators

    This is a one-one experience. Unfortunately it is not suitable for spectators

  • Duration

    40 minutes

  • Dress Code

    Please wear comfortable clothing

  • Other information

    This massage is not appropriate for anyone suffering from varicose veins, low blood pressure, cancer, open skin leisions, nerve damage or severe sunburn. Please make sure you consult a physician if you have an acute injury prior to scheduling your appointment.

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