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Know someone who is looking for a job or simply are very serious about their career? Give them a gift of Online CV/Portfolio. More and more you can hear that employers are Googling candidates to learn about them. A candidate who has an informative, well designed website sends a message, that he takes his career seriously. Furthermore, an online CV is a brilliant way to have a personalized homepage with links from social media accounts and blogs to centralize one‘s online presence and simply tell the world who they are.

The gift includes:

- Domain name registration and hosting for 1 year (we will later transfer the website to your own hosting)

- Personal CV with menu, description and comment boxes

- (We upload your CV content to the website)

- Introduction to cms (content management system)

- Complimentary support for the website for 30 days after it is finished 


  • Location is Dublin-based website design & SEO Firm

  • Group/Spectators

    All communication will be held online. During training period assistance can be provided by Skype

  • Dress Code

    You'll Receive: Domain name & free Irish hosting for 1 year, web design, information upload, brief introduction to CMS (content management system)

  • Other information

    We ensure that every website we create has real and measurable value for its owners. We will provide comprehensive and complimentary support for your website for 30 days after it is finished. This means that you will not be left alone after our work is done. The content management system we work with allows you to manage, administrate, and expand your project easily after we have completed it.

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