Location: Galway, Oranmore, Main St, Kudos Nightclub at Keane's Voucher for: 1 Season:  Any time of year
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What's the perfect gift for your friend? Fun Fun Fun and lot's of excitement. The pass to Zumba Classes is a brilliant gift to anyone who loves rhythm, dance, energy and a great shake.

What is Zumba?

This is the activity that everyone’s been talking about. Fun, hypnotic and easy-to-follow, Zumba classes are the fun way to get your body moving, burn fat and invigorate your energy levels.

Set to hypnotic Latin dance rhythms, these easy-to-follow routines feel more like a fun night out than a workout class. The classes integrate fast and slow rhythms that have been designed to tone your body while burning fat.

Benefits of ZUMBA:

• Great dynamic core workout: ZUMBA moves require high control of the mid section (abs and back). This has the potential to translate into a tighter more defined torso.

• High caloric expenditure: Aerobic and Interval training methods used. This will vary with each individual depending on variables such as fitness level, familiarity to routine, intensity level etc.

• Easy non-intimidating learning environment: easy-to-follow steps in a party-like format

• Weight loss: consistency is the key and a well balanced, sensible nutrition program will increase the likelihood of weight-loss.

• Positive self-image: High level of “feeling good”

• A sculpted body: ZUMBA will potentially re-shape your body, including your upper, lower, mid-section, heart and mid.

• Exercise in disguise! ZUMBA is GREAT SWEAT! Most people say they are having so much fun and they don’t even realise they are exercising!


  • Location

    Zumba with Francesca - Kudos Nightclub at Keane's Oranmore, Main St., Oranmore, Galway

  • Duration

    10 Classes X 1 hr

  • Dress Code

    Wear something comfortable that gives you free range of movement.

  • Weather

    This experience is not dependable on weather

  • Other information

    Zumba fitness with FRANCESCA every tuesday mornings and evenings, every thursday mornings and evenings. EVERYBODY WELCOME IN EVERY TIME, ALL AGES AND OR BEGINERS AND ADVANCED.

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