Full Day Outdoor Rock Climbing Sessions for Two

Location: Co. Dublin, Dalkey Quarry Voucher for: 2 Season:  Any time of year

James Bond has it fairly well mastered - so it's about time you learned to scale your way down a cliff, just on the off chance you ever find yourself on the run from a super villain with a suitably evil name.

We take you for a full day of outdoor rock climbing on the crag. The "Full Day" package is fun, safe and not to mention adventurous! Anyone can take part. No previous rock climbing skills or knowledge needed. Suitable for total beginners of all ages.

Your adrenaline will be well and truly pumping as you navigate your way down and up the side of a cliff - just like in the movies. If you're a little unsure of your capabilities, then put your worries at bay, as Adventure Burn's friendly, fun and enthusiastic instructors will be on hand to show you the way.

If the ground is seeming a little boring, perhaps it's time you set your sights on something a little higher up, grab a voucher now and get yourself moving up in the world!

  • Location

    Adventure Burn, Dalkey Quarry, Co. Dublin.

  • Group/Spectators

    The group will consist of min. 2 people.

  • Duration

    6 hours, depending on size and overall ability of group.

  • Dress Code

    For outdoor climbing bring something warm and waterproof just to be on the safe side. The weather is ever changing. A snack and a drink is advisable and a camera of course if you want to take some snapshots of your climbing adventure. All rock climbing equipment is provided. All safety equipment is provided. Harness, Ropes etc.

  • Weather

    Yes, the weather needs to be “dry enough” to climb in. In case of unsuitable weather we will reschedule your activity.

  • Other information

    There is a minimum age limit of 12 years and a minimum height restriction of 1.4m (4’7”). There is also a maximum weight restriction of 120kg (19 stone).

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