Bride to be Style & Image Consultation

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Mary Holmes is founder and managing director of Ruby Seven Image Consulting. Mary had done some freelance work in Image Consulting before forming Ruby Seven in 2006. The recent and rapid growth of interest in this area in Ireland has being a great springboard which has helped Ruby Seven go from strength to strength.

Image consultation for bride to be includes:

- Body shape analysis: advice on what style of wedding dress is best for your body   shape;
- Colour analysis: what colours work best for your unique colouring;
- Hair and makeup advice: what works best for your facial shape and colouring;
- Where to shop for that perfect dress;
- What accessories will work best.


  • Location

    Location of consultation and shopping must be agreed with Ruby Seven and is limited to Leinster based

  • Group/Spectators

    This is a one-one experience. If the bride wants to include bridesmaids in the wedding dress decision, she can do so after the image consultation with Ruby Seven finishes

  • Duration

    60-90 minutes

  • Weather

    The experience is not dependable on a weather

  • Other information

    In the privacy of your own home a Ruby Seven image consultant will perform a body shape, a detailed colouring analysis to help you understand which colours and tones work best for you, she will give you some hair and makeup advices, as well as some ideas of where to shop for that perfect dress and what accessories you should choose to be the most beautiful lady that special day!

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