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For those who love a jolt of adrenaline alongside their scenic serenity, we've got great gifts in the form of shooting experiences! They'll love the chance to blast a clay pigeon out of the air or shoot an air or laser rifle – the rush they'll get when the pull the trigger is sure to top any other birthday gift they'll be getting this year! Give your friends and family a gift they'll never forget as they align themselves with sharpshooters and Olympic greats whilst aiming for the bull's eye. Blasting inanimate objects to bits has never been so exciting!
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Indoor Golf: So much fun!

Indoor Golf is addicting. Great value considering how cold it is outside and what a trek it is to actually get to a driving range. Will be back often. So much fun! Read More...

Hot Air Ballooning over Ireland

There's a reason why these guys have 5 stars. Everything about the experience was stellar. They were all so friendly and personal, professional and although they see a lot of different people every day, they still made us feel like we were individually important. Read More...

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